Dr. Sabrina Fabi, The Doctors, Ulthera

Ultherapy for Chest Wrinkles

Recently on The Doctors, a new and exciting treatment for wrinkles on the chest was revealed using Ulthera

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Dr. Alan Bauman, Hair Transplants, Hair Restoration

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a non-chemical, non-surgical way to enhance hair growth using your own body's powerful platelet-derived growth factors

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Medical Spa, Chemical Peel

New Scientific Powered Glycolic Lunch-Time Peel

The Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge is pleased to offer a new and revolutionary anti-aging treatment, the Scientific Powered Refinity Glycolic Lunch-time Peel.

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Dr. Glenn Davis, Cosmetic Surgery, New Years Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery as a New Year’s Resolution

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Glenn Davis of Raleigh analyzes how plastic surgery may help men and women achieve New Year’s resolutions.

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Breast Reduction

Biggest Breast Reduction in America Performed by Houston Surgeon

Houston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose discusses a recent case on The Doctors

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