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About SmartLipo

Smart Lipo is a fat-melting device, an alternative to liposuction that uses a technique known as Laser Lipolysis. Rather than simply vacuuming fat from parts of the body, SmartLipo first melts the fat cells, making them easier to remove. Research and surgeon reviews suggest that heating from the laser makes the liposuction procedure quicker, provides skin tightening with less recovery time. FDA Approved since 2006

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Lipo Body Enhancement Center, LLC

Lipo Body Enhancement Center, LLC
The medical director of Lipo Body Enhancement Center, LLC is Dr. S.A. Sajadi, MD who is well trained and knowledgeable in various aspects of aesthetics and cosmetic care.

Dr. S.A. Sajadi did his undergraduate studies at Pittsburg State University , majoring in both Chemistry and Biology. Shortly after, he attended KU medical school and received an MD degree. Dr. Sajadi subsequently attended University of Missouri in Kansas City for post-graduate trainings. During the course of his studies and trainings, he devoted one full year and strictly studied lipids and lipoprotein lipase at Lipid Research Lab, affiliated with St. Lukes Hospital in KC, MO. Later, he continued his education and trainings in various aspects of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, particularly body-sculpting.

Lipo Body Enhancement Center, LLC has 3 offices, located in Overland Park, KS (Greater Kansas City), Springfield, MO and Wichita (KS.)

Among all procedures and aesthetic services offered, there are two special focuses to the practice:

ĚSmart Lipo & Liposuction:
SmartLipo - the FDA approved laser Lipolysis, is a new but proven technology and promising trend for elimination of fat in problematic areas as well as tightening; it provides improved results over previous approaches.

SmartLipo, often compensates for limitations of liposuction. SmartLipo simply helps toward a finer contouring, tighter skin tone, and improved cellulite. At times, Smart Lipo could be combined with light and limited liposuction to improve the results further.

Dr. Sajadi is the first physician to widely introduce SmartLipo (Laser Lipolysis) to Kansas , Greater Kansas City as well as Greater Ozarks area.

Smartlipo and liposuction are done under local anesthetics.

ĚLipo Enhancement (Fat Grafting):
Lipo Body Enhancement Center , LLC is the premier provider of the art and science of Lipo Enhancement- through fat grafting, for the purpose of long-lasting and permanent enhancement, augmentation, and rejuvenation of various areas of body in the state of Kansas and Missouri .

With Lipo Enhancement, the sky is the limit! The art of Lipo Enhancement could help to rejuvenate the face through enhancing cheeks, augmenting lips, smoothing out laugh lines, improving jaw-lines, and adding volume in sunken and thinned out areas.

Furthermore, Lipo Enhancement could be used for natural and permanent augmentation of breast, and reconstruction of breast. Lipo Enhancement can help to create a pleasing contour in hips and buttocks region as well as to augment buttocks.

Lipo Enhancement could be used to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of neck, hands, arms, and legs... In addition, Lipo Enhancement could help to correct and improve scars or deformities due to liposuction or other causes.

We provide various aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, including liposuction, Botox, fillers (Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm, Collagen, Perlane, Hyaluronic Acid, Sculptra, Mystique, Fat Grafting), microdermabrasion, chemical peels, fat transfer, sclerotherapy for treatment of varicose and spider veins, acne and scar treatment, photorejuvenation, and Blepharoplasty, cosmetic eyelid lift, and more.